Big Data/ NoSQL Database Essentials


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Relational and traditional databases are unable to keep up with the demand for Big Data. Given this demand, a new set of technologies have emerged and been termed Big Data or NoSQL (meaning Not Only SQL). Although these Big Data databases differ, common characteristics exist: they are designed to be very fast and to scale to vast sets of data. In this course, students study Big Data concepts, technologies, and the new set of techniques. Topics include emerging tools like Mongo, Acid, BigTable, CouchDB, building Big Data systems, and new tools designed for Big Data.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this class but prior relational database experience is recommended.

VIRTUAL OPTION is available for this class. Choose “VIRTUAL – Live at Your Desk” from the Course Choice drop-down menu. Students still participate in classes, but do so virtually via a computer and internet connection using WebEx. Please click HERE for more info about set-up and system requirements for virtual sessions.

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