Strategic Negotiating for IT


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Negotiation is a facet of everyday life. Mastering the art of effective negotiation helps us get what we want while simultaneously improving our relationships. This course, tailored for the unique demands of the IT environment will educate you on the four elements of successful negation techniques. Students will learn the steps, skills and tools you can leverage to gain consensus, defuse a potential conflict and negotiate win-win solutions. Interactive exercises will help you identify hidden “currencies” that will show you how to have influence over those with whom you have no authority. These skills will help you to negotiate powerfully with co-workers, team members, as well as your boss. Students will participate in IT-based scenarios demonstrating how to engage in “principled” rather than “positional” negotiations using a four-step negotiation process. Students will know the power of achieving trust in relationships across the organization and how to cultivate collaborative relationships. Exercises in troubleshooting how to “Get Past No” and how to deal with negative emotions will also be incorporated. The course will provide practical and effective negotiation tools and techniques for IT professionals.

Students attending this course will receive the Bestselling book, “Getting Past No: Negotiating Your Way from Confrontations to Cooperation” by William Ury.

VIRTUAL OPTION is available for this class. Choose “VIRTUAL – Live at Your Desk” from the Course Choice drop-down menu. Students still participate in classes, but do so virtually via a computer and internet connection using WebEx. Please click HERE for more info about set-up and system requirements for virtual sessions.

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