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Professional Presentation and Public Speaking Skills


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IT Professionals, Project Managers, and Business leaders are routinely called upon to present information. A poorly delivered message can fail to inspire desired results from the audience including, budget cuts, lack of resourcing, and no buy-in. This course offers a hands-on approach with team role-plays and practical exercises to make the beginner presenter good, and the experienced presenter great. This highly-interactive course provides students with the opportunity to develop and practice their presentation skills in and gain confidence in their public speaking. Students will develop the skills to analyze and evaluate effective methods of presenting, including delivery style, message organization, content development, and visual aids use. During this course, students will work collaboratively to learn how to distinguish characteristics of a strong presenter and how to improve their own presentation abilities. Students will deliver a brief (5-minute) presentation on a topic of their choice, as well as give and receive feedback from their classmates. Special emphasis will be given to influencing your audience, thinking on your feet, and handling questions with clarity and effectiveness.

VIRTUAL OPTION is available for this class. Choose “VIRTUAL – Live at Your Desk” from the Course Choice drop-down menu. Students still participate in classes, but do so virtually via a computer and internet connection using WebEx. Please click HERE for more info about set-up and system requirements for virtual sessions.

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