Perl Programming


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Perl is a flexible and powerful interpreted programming language well suited for a wide range of programs. It combines the flexibility of general-purpose programming languages such as C or C++ with many of the features of popular Unix tools such as grep, tr, sed and awk. It is commonly used for simple scripting as well as complex web applications and is especially well suited to perform complex searching and manipulation of text. In this hands-on course students learn the basics of the Perl language, including conditionals, loops, data structures, regular expressions, functions, and object-oriented programming.

Prerequisites: Unix/Linux Operating System Essentials or equivalent experience. Prior programming or scripting experience is also helpful but not required.

VIRTUAL OPTION is available for this class. Choose “VIRTUAL – Live at Your Desk” from the Course Choice drop-down menu. Students still participate in classes, but do so virtually via a computer and internet connection using WebEx. Please click HERE for more info about set-up and system requirements for virtual sessions.

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